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Florida Flood Awareness Week

The Board is proud to announce the adoption of a proclamation to declare March 6-13, 2023 as “Flood Awareness Week.”

Public education and awareness of potential weather hazards and methods of protection are critical to the health, safety, and welfare of residents. This is an important step in raising awareness of the risks and impacts of flooding, and the need to take proactive steps to prepare and protect our communities.

Flooding is a serious risk, and we must do whatever we can to ensure our citizens are informed and prepared.

During Flood Awareness Week, we encourage everyone to learn more about flood risks, know your evacuation routes, and create a plan for your family and property.

Together, we can build resilient communities and protect our families from the dangers of flooding.

  • DAY 2, FLOOD INSURANCE:  Flood insurance is available to everyone, regardless of whether you rent, own or have a business, and is available even if you are not in a mapped floodplain. Flood insurance is not included in your property insurance policy.
    For more information visit fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program
  • DAY 3, PROTECT YOURSELF:  Stay safe. Intense or excessive rainfall can overtop canals and ditches, flooding streets. Remember to turn around, don’t drown, as driving in flooded streets can stall your car and cause wave action to further flood structures along the road. Prepare ahead for bad weather and make a flood emergency plan today.
    For more information, visit http://ow.ly/W1xS50yI97c.
  • DAY 4, PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY:  Protect your property from flood hazards. Insurance is your first level of protection. Other methods include installing flood vents where appropriate or raising electrical system components.
    For more information on how to protect your property, visit Community Development at 4979-B Healthy Way, Marianna or by phone at 850-482-9637.
  • DAY 5, BUILD RESPONSIBILITY:  Build responsibly. Avoid building in floodplains. Before you build, find out what the regulations are and what permits are required. Be aware of substantial improvement rules, which are there to correct structures built before regulations and flood mapping. These apply when a structure is below a known base flood elevation plus freeboard.
    For more information, visit
  • DAY 7, SEA LEVEL RISE (NON-COASTAL COMMUNITY):  Do you own property outside of Jackson County in a coastal community? It is likely prone to some amount of damage from coastal flooding, including sea level rise.
    Learn about scientific predictions for rising sea levels and potential impacts at fema.gov/grants.
  • DAY 8, FLOOD ECONOMICS:  What would it cost if Jackson County lost its infrastructure due to flooding? There are ways to help. Mitigation through insurance, retrofitting, relocation, or elevating saves a community $6 for every $1 spent.
    For more information about federal grant programs for mitigating your structure, visit fema.gov/grants.