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Local Mitigation Strategy – LMS

Natural Disasters

Executive Summary

The Jackson County Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) is a comprehensive plan intended to reduce
the community’s long-term vulnerability to natural and technological hazards through various
forms of mitigation. Hazard mitigation is any program, initiative, or action taken to permanently
reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people and their property from the effects of hazards.
Hazards can be natural, such as hurricanes and floods, or technological, such as hazardous
materials incidents or a large-scale loss of power.

The Jackson County LMS is organized into five sections:

Section 1: Describes the role of the LMS Working Group in updating and maintaining the
overall mitigation strategy and its component initiatives. It also describes the process to
monitor, evaluate, and update the plan over the next five years. This section also
describes procedures intended to keep the public actively involved in local hazard
mitigation planning, and how the LMS will be consistent and incorporated into other local
planning mechanisms where appropriate

Section 2: Provides a profile of the county with descriptions of the topography,
demographics and future land use of Jackson County.

Section 3: The Hazard Identification and Vulnerability Assessment. This section provides
an overview of the types of natural and technological hazards the County is vulnerable to,
and a history of these hazards and their effects. Natural hazards identified and assessed
by the working group include severe weather, flooding, wildfires, erosion, infestations and
diseases and drought and extreme temperatures and erosion. Technological hazards
include hazardous materials storage and transportation, terrorism and radiological

Section 4: Describes mitigation policies at the local, regional, state and federal levels.

Section 5: Describes ongoing and proposed mitigation projects identified by the Working
Group. These are most frequently ongoing, non-capital programs that have been directed
by local elected officials. Mitigation projects are capital improvements such as road
paving and culvert repairs and other infrastructure upgrades or replacements. For these
efforts, local government may require outside funding assistance. To assist the latter,
each mitigation initiative identified in this Section includes potential funding sources
where available.

The LMS Working Group has developed a series of mitigation initiatives intended to address
hazards that affect Jackson County and its municipalities and protect the public at large from
the impacts of these hazards. This is also intended to be an evolving list that will change as
current projects are completed, new needs and problems are identified and local priorities change with development, population shifts and increases. The Working Group meets annually
to review and update this strategy.

Click here to view the adopted 2021 LMS Plan.

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