(850) 482-9633

2864 Madison St,
Marianna, FL 32448

Staff Directory

Photo of Wilanne Daniels

Wilanne Daniels

County Administrator

(850) 482-9633

Photo of Rett Daniels

Rett Daniels

Deputy County Administrator - Field Operations

(850) 718-0437

Photo of Judy Austin

Judy Austin

Human Resources Director

(850) 482-9633 ext. 227

Photo of Dylan Bass

Dylan Bass

Public Communications Officer

(850) 482-9633 ext. 223

Photo of Nicole Bradley

Nicole Bradley

Procurement Officer

(850) 482-9633 ext. 224

Photo of Charlie Brunner

Charlie Brunner

Fire Chief

(850) 718-0000

Photo of Brian Budzien

Brian Budzien

Veteran Affairs Officer

(850) 718-0003

Photo of Tammy Dasher

Tammy Dasher

NextStep at Endeavor Academy Program Director

Photo of Deborah Hynes

Deborah Hynes

Public Library Director

(850) 482-1257

Photo of Jammie Jeter

Jammie Jeter

Chief of Corrections

(850) 482-9651

Photo of AJ Johnson

AJ Johnson

Facilities Director

Photo of Keith Maddox

Keith Maddox

Emergency Management Director/Fire Rescue Operations Chief

(850) 482-9678

Photo of Brigitte Rehberg

Brigitte Rehberg

Business Manager

850-482-9633 ext. 220

Photo of Hunter Potts

Hunter Potts

Administrative Services Director

(850) 482-9633 ext. 222

Photo of Wendy Schlesinger

Wendy Schlesinger

Community Development Director

(850) 482-9637

Photo of Joey Stackowicz

Joey Stackowicz

Information Technology Manager

(850) 482-9633 ext. 251

Photo of Kelsi Williams

Kelsi Williams

Tourism Development Council Director