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Community Development

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Jackson County Comprehensive Plan 2023

The Community Development Department is responsible for promoting the orderly growth and environment of the County through planning, building, affordable housing, and enforcement of codes.  The office provides the citizens and developers accurate information and courteous assistance.

The County’s adopted Comprehensive Plan is the policy document that provides for growth management within the jurisdiction.  The County relies on the policies stated in the Future Land Use Element (FLUE) of the adopted Comprehensive Plan.  Included in the plan the Future Land Use Map depicts the location and distribution of the land use categories. These land use categories and associated policies are the controlling factors in what development is appropriate for a specific parcel of land.  Residential and General Development Orders are submitted to the Planning Division.  Once development orders are approved, property owners or businesses may apply with Building Services for construction permits and inspections to ensure Florida Building Codes are met.

The County promotes affordable housing and the Department manages housing grants to provide safe and decent housing options for our citizens.  The health and safety of all residents help maintain quality standards that are important to achieve the wellbeing of our community and the highest property values possible.  Code enforcement strives to achieve voluntary compliance of code violations and works with residents that face unexpected hardships. 


The mission of Community Development is to encourage economic development, efficient and orderly growth management, build strong neighborhoods, promote and protect agriculture, and preserve the area’s unique natural resources.  The Comprehensive Plan, codes, and ordinances are adopted to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and visitors of Jackson County.


Building Services provides the public with the necessary information to help in the development and permitting of new construction within the county. The permitting and inspection procedure established is required by Florida Statute and ensures contractors follow the State of Florida Building Codes. Proper permitting and inspections reduce the threat of fire and damage caused by flooding, winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes, thus paving the way for a safer working and living environment. The division issues building permits, reviews construction plans, and performs inspections, and maintains contractors licensing.

Code Enforcement promotes compliance with community standards through enforcement of applicable County Code of Ordinances in the unincorporated areas of the county for residential and commercial properties, as well as public health and safety ordinance violations. The Division also works to accomplish neighborhood revitalization and the quality of life through the Dumpster Program which is a means of residents who, due to limited financial resources and/or physical limitations are experiencing difficulties in correcting a violation of the Jackson County Code of Ordinances.

GIS Mapping services update the Future Land Use Map which depicts the location and distribution of the land use categories. These land use categories and associated policies are the controlling factors in what development is appropriate for a specific parcel of land. The categories include the 2030 Future Land Use Map, Overlays District Map, Future Transportation System, Wetlands, and General Soils maps.

Housing Grants provides safe, decent, affordable housing for its citizens by maintaining partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies, affordable housing developers, non-profit organizations, and others who share the common goal of producing affordable housing. The County receives funds from Florida Housing Finance Corporation, State Housing Initiative Partnership Program (SHIP) for the purpose of meeting the housing needs of the very low, low, and moderate income households, to expand production of and preserve affordable housing, and to further the housing element of the local government comprehensive plan specific to affordable housing.

Planning provides services for development review including residential and commercial site development and subdivision plats, long-range planning, land use change and map amendments, FEMA flood zones. The Division assists the Planning Commission who makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners. The Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map are the main tools to assist the development goals and objectives. Including the required elements such as capital improvements, future land use, transportation, sanitary sewer, solid waste, drainage, potable water, and natural groundwater natural resource conservation, recreation and open space, housing, and intergovernmental coordination.

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