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The role of the Purchasing/Procurement Office is to assist County departments and divisions in acquiring goods, services, or construction. The office is generally the initial contact for agencies and contractors to acquire goods or services. The Purchasing/Procurement Office oversees a purchasing process that assures impartial and equitable evaluation of bids and proposals from vendors and helps agencies to establish fair and reasonable contracts.

Download the current Jackson County Purchasing Policy


Link to Jackson County Solicitation Center

Jackson County bids are available to the public on the Mercell e-procurement system. Bid responses from bidders must be submitted electronically through Mercell’s online platform or via sealed envelope to the Purchasing Office. By using Mercell, prospective bidders will be provided with all information regarding a bid including addendums and changes to the project requirements. 

Registration with Mercell is free and is required prior to submitting a bid response. You will be required to register once you click the PARTICIPATE BUTTON in the solicitation file. It is suggested that companies register no later than 24 hours in advance of a bid submission deadline to ensure proper registration. Should you need assistance with registering, please contact the Mercell Service Desk by calling (724) 888-5294 or by emailing servicedesk.us@negometrix.com.

Once your company is registered with Mercell, you will be able to submit your bid securely anytime before the bid deadline at Solicitations (negometrix.com) by clicking the PARTICIPATE BUTTON under the solicitation. Bids submitted on Mercell are locked and inaccessible by County staff until the current bid deadline.

To be notified of future solicitations, register your company at app.negometrix.com

Bids Published Before January 1, 2022

Individuals interested in viewing expired bids from from calendar year 2021 and prior may do so through the following link: Jackson County Purchasing Solicitation Center


Nicole Bradley, Procurement Officer
(850) 482-9633