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Building Services

Building Services strives to safe guard the health, safety and welfare of Jackson County residents, businesses, and visitors by providing services such as inspections on new structures and major improvements of existing structures, ensuring that all construction complies with State and local building requirements, and issuance of contractor competency cards.

Effective January 26, 2021 the Jackson County Board of County Commissioners elected to provide an incentive to encourage housing development effective for a 6-month period beginning on January 27, 2021 and extending through July 27, 2021. This incentive will waive all building permit fees associated with required permits for residential construction and residential remodels. Click here for more information.


Commercial Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Count Sheet

Contractor Licensing

Certified License Registration Form – For State Certified Contractors

Competency Card Application-For State Registered Contractors

Competency Card Renewal Form

Authorization to Sign For Permit Letter

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