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Emergency Management


To provide a highly trained and capable emergency management operation focused on the safety and welfare of the community through the preservation of life, health, property, and the environment. The program stands ready to PREVENT incidents through comprehensive programs, RESPOND to incidences when they occur, PREPARE for future threats that may develop, direct RECOVERY programs to save life and property and reduce local threats through MITIGATION programs.

Local Mitigation Strategy


To be recognized statewide as a model emergency management program, providing comprehensive whole community approach to protection, prevention, response, recovery, and mitigation activities. The organization will represent the future through an environment of coordination, cohesion and inclusion of all agencies in support of the emergency management program.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Basic Plan

Mitigation Annex

Recovery Annex


FDEM 27P-22

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For People with Special Needs

Banner Image declaring Florida Sales Tax Holiday

On May 7, Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 7073 into law, extending the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday to two separate 14-day periods! Take advantage of this opportunity to prepare for hurricane season without paying sales tax on essential items.

2024 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday:

June 1 – June 14August 24 – September 6

Eligible Items Include:

  • Pet leashes, collars and muzzles costing $20 or less;
  • Flashlights, lanterns and pet beds costing $40 or less;
  • Batteries and weather radios costing $50 or less;
  • Coolers costing $60 or less;
  • Smoke Detectors costing $70 or less;
  • Tarps costing $100 or less; and
  • Generators costing $3,000 or less.

A full list of tax-free items is available at FloridaRevenue.com/DisasterPrep

The Division of Emergency Management encourages residents to stock a disaster supply kit that can last the entire household, including pets, for at least seven days. The Division’s complete disaster supply kit checklist is available for download at FloridaDisaster.org/Kit


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