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CDBG-DR General Infrastructure Repair Program – Round II

Jackson County, Florida

Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR)

General Infrastructure Repair Program – Round II


The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) is making available $111,516,000 in CDBG-DR funding to local governments impacted by Hurricane Michael through the Rebuild Florida General Infrastructure Repair Program – Round II. This public notice is to solicit citizen comments on the proposed application for Jackson County. The public comment period begins on August 19 and ends on September 3, 2021 at 4 p.m. CST. For information on this public notice or projects, to provide comments on proposed projects listed below, or to receive a copy of the draft CDBG-DR applications, contact Hunter Potts, Administrative Services Director at 850-482-9633 Ext. 222 or pottsh@jacksoncountyfl.gov. The application will also be available for review at Jackson County Board of County Commission Administrative Offices located at: 2864 Madison St, Marianna, FL 32448.

Jackson County will submit two projects for consideration under this round of funding which are detailed below:  


Jackson County Stormwater Infrastructure and Special Needs Shelter (Estimated Grant Request: $7,501,000.00)

Hurricane Michael caused significant damage to the gym located at the former Dozier School for Boys. While the roof has been replaced, much work remains to make repairs to this structure. This project will focus on the remediation and conversion of the old Dozier Gym to meet shelter code requirements to serve as a regional special needs shelter during emergencies and a community center outside of emergencies. In addition, stormwater improvements will also be needed to reconstruct the existing box culvert damaged in Hurricane Michael that is near this facility to alleviate any potential for flooding impacts due to damaged infrastructure.  Using this structure as a regional special needs shelter will enable the County to continue to provide support for evacuations during hurricanes for Jackson County and other communities in Florida, without impacting schools.


Endeavor Park Stormwater, Wastewater, Water and Electrical Infrastructure and Demolition ($6,941,806.56)

Hurricane Michael damaged much of the onsite utilities at the Endeavor Site. This project will make stormwater repairs and replace culverts damaged by Hurricane Michael along with cross drains, side drains and ditches. In addition, the project will include wastewater system infiltration repairs and reconstruction including pipe lining replacement and manhole replacement. The project will also include water system repairs and reconstruction of Hurricane Michael water mains and fire hydrants. Electrical lighting system reconstruction and installation of underground utilities will occur on the South campus along with demolition of remaining structures damaged by Hurricane Michael including debris removal and required asbestos abatement. Finally the project will include asphalt replacement over stormwater cross drains, waterlines and sewer lines damaged by the hurricane.

Jackson County does not anticipate that anyone will be displaced because of the CDBG-DR funded activities proposed above. If persons are displaced because of the planned activities, Jackson County will assist them as described in the County’s anti-displacement and relocation policy, which is available for review at the Jackson County Board of County Commission Administration Building.

This public notice and comment period is being conducted pursuant to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure accessibility to all. Any person requiring special accommodations to participate in this public notification is asked to reach out to Hunter Potts, Jackson County Administrative Services Director at 850-482-9633 Ext. 222 or pottsh@jacksoncountyfl.gov. If you are hearing, speech impaired, or need other accommodations, please contact Mr. Potts using Florida Relay Service by dialing 7-1-1, which can provide many different services include Spanish to English translation.

Any non-English speaking person wishing to receive information non this public notice can contact Hunter Potts, Administrative Services Director at 850-482-9633 Ext. 222 or pottsh@jacksoncountyfl.gov and interpretation will be provided. For Spanish to English interpretation services, please use the services provided through Florida Relay by first calling 844-463-9710.

Cualquier persona que no hable inglés y que desee recibir información que no sea este aviso público puede comunicarse con Hunter Potts, Director de Servicios Administrativos al 850-482-9633 Ext. 222 o pottsh@jacksoncountyfl.gov y se proporcionará interpretación. Para obtener servicios de interpretación del español al inglés, utilice los servicios proporcionados a través de Florida Relay llamando primero al 844-463-9710.