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Incident at Jackson Blue Springs 6/2/22

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CONTACT: Dylan Bass Executive Assistant/PIO 

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Jun 3, 2022 


Late afternoon on June 2, 2022, at Jackson Blue Springs in Marianna, an unfortunate incident occurred during park hours. A man was witnessed masturbating under a pavilion in front of park visitors. From the time this started, the following sequence of events unfolded quickly.

One of the first patrons to witness the act recorded the man on their phone. They confronted the man asking him to stop what he was doing and to leave the park. This was followed by a verbal altercation between the two in which the man agreed to leave but then alluded to returning with threats of violence.   

At that point the man left the park and patrons immediately called 911. The man rode with another person leaving the park. Park staff were able to get pictures of the vehicle and license plate.

The staff promptly closed the park, vacating visitors. When the sheriff’s department arrived, staff informed the deputies of the incident, and the man was found by JCSO around Spring Chase.

Both the offender and the driver have since been trespassed (Legal Lifetime Ban) from the park.

The safety and protection of park visitors is the number one priority of the County. We are thankful for a fast-acting staff as well as the quick response and dependability the Jackson County Sherriff’s Department. County Administrator, Wilanne Daniels, says “As evidence by our recent policy regarding unaccompanied minors at Blue Springs, our number one goal is to provide a safe and secure environment at our parks. This kind of behavior is intolerable and will be met with the most severe repercussions under the law.”