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CONTACT: Dylan Bass Executive Assistant/PIO
April 12, 2022

Jackson County BOCC Regular Meeting Highlights 

Jackson County, FL. – On April 12, 2022, at 9:00 AM, the Jackson County Board of County Commissioners held a Regular Meeting. This is a recap of some of the reports and requests included in that meeting.  

PRESENTATION: Award CDBG-CV Funding of Jackson Hospital 

On October 12, 2021, Jackson Hospital requested that the Board consider supporting the submission of an application to assist with improvements to the Hospital. The Federal Government gave every local government an opportunity to apply for one grant through the Community Development Block Grant program. The Jackson County Board of County Commissioners chose to use their one grant application to assist Jackson Hospital in funding COVID-19 related renovations to the Hospital. The Hospital experienced many challenges during that process. This grant funding will greatly aid in facilitating the much-needed renovations to provide better care for COVID-19 patients. The grant was awarded and formally presented to the Hospital on April 12, 2022.

PRESENTATION: Opioid Harm Reduction Strategies 

Justin Perse of PanCare appeared before the Board with a presentation on “Starting Point.” Starting Point is the opioid use disorder recovery management program offered by PanCare. Participants receive case management and peer recovery services, as well as linkage to care, motivational coaching, and resource identification. The Rural Opioid Technical Assistance Program (ROTA) is used to “develop and disseminate training and technical assistance for rural communities on addressing opioid issues affecting these communities. It is expected that grantees will facilitate the identification of model programs, develop and update materials related to the prevention, treatment, and recovery activities for opioid use disorder (OUD), and ensure that high-quality training is provided.” 

https://bit.ly/RuralOpioidinfographic – Opioid Infographic

https://bit.ly/3O8PDHs – Starting Point Flyer

PRESENTATION: Two Egg Emancipation Day Parade and Festival 

Byron Dickens appeared before the Board to present a formal request to attend the 3rd annual Two Egg Emancipation Day Parade and Festival on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at the Farms at Two Egg located at 4382 Wintergreen Road, Greenwood, FL. On July 19, 2019, the Board adopted a proclamation declaring May 20th Emancipation Day in Jackson County. The official acknowledgment and thank you ceremony will be held at the Festival on June 11. Mr. Dickens invited the Board members to participate in the parade, as well as participate as judges of the BBQ Rib Cook-Off Contest and Cake Competition.

https://bit.ly/37oyiJU – 2019 Proclamation

RECOGNITION: Employee of the Month. April, 2022

Deputy County Administrator, Karlyn Tidwell, presented Chelsea Walters as the Employee of the Month for April, 2022. Ms. Walters is a Paramedic/Firefighter with Jackson County Fire Rescue. She has been with the County since 2015. Ms. Walters sets a good example for other employees with her work ethic and has proven to be a valuable asset to Jackson-County Fire Rescue. The Board adopted a proclamation acknowledging Ms. Walters’ hard work and dependability and presented her with a $50 check and a day off.

https://bit.ly/37oyiJU – 2019 Proclamation

https://bit.ly/3MaZlHH – Emancipation Day Flyer

REQUEST: Gilmore Academy and JCTS Youth Club 

Grady Snell, Jr., President and CEO of Gilmore Academy, presented the Board with a rich background of historic Gilmore Academy and informed the Board that the Gilmore Academy and JCTS Youth Club are establishing a Youth Development Center. It is to be housed in the old Marianna Middle School gym. They have set a fund-raising goal of $75,000, of which they have raised $15,000. Mr. Snell requested funding and/or in-kind assistance, including assistance to remodel the stage in the gym. The Board expressed their intent to revisit this request during Budget in July, allowing time for Mr. Snell and the Academy to secure the proper State registrations.

REQUEST: Proclamation/911 Public Safety Telecommunicator Week

Fire Chief, Charlie Brunner, appeared before the Board to request the adoption of a proclamation naming April, 10-16 as 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator Week. Chief Brunner stated that “Our health, safety, and well-being are often dependent on the commitment and steadfast devotion of Public Safety Telecommunicators, because emergencies can occur at any time that require police, fire, emergency medical service, or other critical services. Public Safety Telecommunicators are the first and most critical contact our citizens have with emergency services. Public Safety Telecommunicators at the Jackson County 911 Center have assisted with the apprehension of criminals, suppression of fires, and treatment of patients. The work of these “unseen first responders” is invaluable in emergency situations, and each of these dedicated men and women deserves our heartfelt appreciation.” The Board approved this request and presented the proclamation to Jackson County 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators.

https://bit.ly/3JJmfE4 – Proclamation

REPORT: Jackson County Economic Development

Director of Business Development, Zach Gilmore, presented the Board with an update on Economic Development. He informed the Board that there are 20 current leads and 44 current projects in various fields including Advanced Manufacturing, Logistics & Distribution, Aerospace & Aviation, Medical/ Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, and Value Added Ag. In early February, the Economic Development team attended an FPL Powering Florida event in Daytona Beach, where they had the opportunity to meet and network with the FPL Economic Development staff as well as multiple site selectors. They also recently visited the “Sun’N’Fun” Aviation Expo in Lakeland to meet with multiple companies in relation to Marianna Municipal Airport and “Project Take Flight.” Mr. Gilmore informed the Board of multiple upcoming events in which he would meet with many more site selectors. Economic Development currently has several marketing initiatives going on including digital ad campaigns, Team Florida social media posts through Enterprise Florida spotlighting the community, community spotlight in the Florida Trend Magazine’s Rural Issue, and a site selector direct mail campaign. The Board was pleased with Mr. Gilmore’s report and said to him “Sounds like you’re busy. Keep up the good work…” and “Get us some businesses.” His response was, “Yes sir.”

REQUEST: Grant Match Funds/Campbellton Vol. Fire Dpt. 

Fire Chief, Charlie Brunner requested Board approval of volunteer grant match funds in the amount of $7,500.00 to the Town of Campbellton Volunteer Fire Department. The department applied for and was awarded a Florida Forest Service VFA 50/50 matching grant for fire bunker gear, fire hose, lights, as well as a saw. The Board approved this request.

REQUEST: FDEP Grant Agreement/Blue Springs Stormwater Project 

Public Works Director, Rett Daniels, requested Board approval for an FDEP grant agreement for Jackson Blue Springs Stormwater Project. This grant agreement is for the second of three phases of stormwater mitigation projects associated with Jackson Blue Springs recreational Area and surrounding property. This $486,500 non-match grant will make improvements to the upland parking and driveway area to capture and divert stormwater away from the head spring. The Board approved this request.

REQUEST: Cypress Park Playground Equipment 

Public Works Director, Rett Daniels, requested Board approval for the purchase of playground equipment for Cypress Park. Cypress Park sustained substantial damage during hurricane Michael, including decimating the playground equipment. The County worked with “Struthers Recreation” for several months working on designs and possible grants to get the most for the money on the project. After much review, it has been determined that this is the best option moving forward. Funds for this project will be used from delegated FEMA damage inventory. The Board approved this request.

REQUEST: Right-of-Way Donation Agreement/Project Glad 

Jackson County submitted an application to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Rural Infrastructure grant program for a proposed economic development project in Marianna known as Project GLAD. The project will involve the construction of roads, utilities, and other infrastructure to facilitate economic development in the area. In the development of the project and the County’s application for the DEO grant, the County and a donator entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on October 26, 2021. The MOU contemplated that the donator would convey to the County sufficient property to allow the County to construct and maintain public roads and other infrastructure, and that the donator would further fund certain costs associated with the project. Through these agreements, a portion of the donor’s property to the County will be for construction and maintenance of a public road as well as related infrastructure and facilities. As part of the project, an existing dilapidated structure will be demolished. If all or any portion of the demolition work costs are not reimbursable under the DEO grant for any reason, the donor will reimburse the County for those costs.  The Board approved this request.