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Compass Lake in the Hills Subdivision

The following shall apply to all homesite parcels presently in the Compass Lake in the Hills municipal services taxing unit, as described in Ordinance No. 84-7, and as subsequently amended. Please see the link below for the complete ordinances for Compass Lake in the Hills Subdivision.


Construction Standards


No building shall be built or maintained on a lot less than 40 feet from the front lot line or less than 20 feet from side and rear lot lines.

Dwelling Size

No dwelling shall have less than 1,000 square feet of living area, exclusive of porches, carports, and garages, nor be less than 22 feet wide.

Number of Dwellings Per Lot

There shall not be more than one single-family dwelling on each lot. No lot shall have any multifamily dwelling.

Building Materials

All exterior walls of dwellings shall be covered with brick veneer, stone, stucco, wood vinyl siding, or any other accredited building material.

Residence/Trade Business

A resident or occupant of a lot may conduct a residence/trade business, as defined in this division.

Trade Business

No one shall conduct a trade/business in the unit, as defined in this division.

Mobile or Modular Homes

No mobile home or house trailer shall be maintained or placed on any parcel within the unit, except on lots in that part of unit six west of U.S. 231. A modular home may be placed on any lot in the unit.

Recreational Vehicles & Camping*

Any person who owns a lot in Compass Lake in the Hills or the remaining lands subject to these regulations may use said lot for human habitation on a temporary basis in a manner which does not conform to these regulations. For the purposes herein, temporary use means for a period not to exceed a cumulative total of seven days in a calendar year. Said temporary use may entail camping on said property in a tent, motor home or other temporary residence. It shall be a violation of this section, however, to occupy said lot for a cumulative period in excess of seven days in any calendar year without complying with the requirements of this section.

* Recreational vehicles (as defined in F.S. § 320.01(1)(b)) will be allowed only in approved recreational sites/parks. (Code of Ordinances Sec. 42-61(c))

Family Pets

Horses, dogs, birds, and cats which are kept as pets, or other animals kept as pets, may be kept on lots within the unit, provided that they are not bred or maintained for any commercial purpose; that they do not become a nuisance, either public or private; and that they are not allowed to run free in the unit. No other animal may be maintained within the unit.