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Purchasing Archive


Note: Current projects available for bidding are found here:

As of October 1, 2022, Jackson County will no longer utilize the Mercell eprocurement system. However, bidders and interested parties may still access the site and view past solicitations posted on the Mercell website.

IDTitleIssue DateDue DateStatusDocuments
2223-18Dilmore Road Water-Sewer Expansion6/22/237/24/23OpenBid Docs
2223-14CEI Continuing Services Contract4/20/235/25/23ClosedBid Docs
2223-13Sale of Surplus MICC4/6/236/1/23ClosedBid Docs
2223-10Generator Installation at Critical Facilities1/19/233/7/23ClosedBid Docs
2223-09Generator Installation at Lift Stations1/19/233/7/23ClosedBid Docs

Awarded Solicitations

IDTitleIssue DateDue DateStatusDocuments
2223-15Engineering & Design Continuing Services Contract4/20/235/25/23AwardedBid Docs
2223-14CEI Continuing Services Contract4/20/235/25/23AwardedBid Docs
2223-12Debris Removal and Disposal Services3/9/234/3/23AwardedBid Docs
2122-22(Rebid) Jackson County Cleaning Services10/6/2210/17/22AwardedBid Docs
2223-01Grant Administration
for a CDBG-CV Funded Project
10/27/2211/18/22AwardedBid Docs
2223-02Engineering Services
for a CDBG-CV Funded Project
10/27/2211/18/22AwardedBid Docs
2223-03Broadband Network Consultant11/3/2212/12/22AwardedBid Docs
2223-04Annual Fuel Contract11/3/2212/2/22AwardedBid Docs
2223-05Indian Springs Phase 2B Sewer Extension11/10/2212/13/22AwardedBid Docs
2223-06Endeavor Warehouse Roof Replacement11/17/2212/8/22AwardedBid Docs
2223-07Fire Rescue Storage Building12/8/221/17/23AwardedBid Docs
2223-08Jackson County Strategic Plan12/29/221/19/23AwardedBid Docs
2223-11Jackson Blue Springs Concessionaire2/2/233/30/23AwardedBid Docs


IDTitleIssue DateDue DateStatusDocuments
RB-2223-22Poplar Springs Road5/4/236/5/23OpenSee ITB for more info
RB-2223-21Charm Road2/16/233/20/23ClosedSee ITB for more info
RB-2223-20District 2 Asphalt Patching2/2/233/7/23ClosedBid Docs
RB-2223-17District 1 Asphalt Road Paving1/12/232/13/23ClosedBid Docs
RB-2223-19BCF Sidewalk Construction – Phase 11/5/231/30/23ClosedBid Docs
RB-2223-18CEI for BCF Sidewalk -Phase11/5/232/13/23ClosedBid Docs
RB-2223-06 (REBID)Daniel Drive Asphalt Paving12/8/221/3/23ClosedBid Docs
RB-2223-16Browntown Road Construction11/10/2212/13/22ClosedBid Docs
RB-2223-15CEI for Browntown Road11/10/22N/ACanceled Canceled
RB-2223-09 through 1409 through 14 (Listed by Road)10/20/2211/9/22AwardedBid Docs
RB-2223-01 through 08 01 through 08 (Listed by Road)10/20/2211/3/22AwardedBid Docs